Recycled Glass Products


My recycled glass product range comes from Christmas 2014, when spending time with good friends I was introduced to the idea of giving glass bottles a second life, as candles, glasses, bowls and lots of other things. I was so excited, I had made my first products within a week!

My recyled bottle candles are made from a variety of different used glass bottles. they are carefully cut, sanded so there are no rough edges and filled with excellent quality soya wax. This means clean burning. Some of my candles come with beautiful scents, others are scent free. 

Recycled Bottle Glasses

My bottle glasses are from a range of used glass bottles, each one is carefully designed, cut, sanded and glued to ensure they are safe for drinking from. 

In addition, most of my glasses are reversible and can be used for either a large or small drink, depending which side you use.

Recycled Glass
Other Recycled

Using either recycled bottle or window glass, I make a variety of shaped bowls that have a practical or decorative use.